Take the Rose Colored Glasses Off! (Part 2)

Hey ladies,

Sometimes a visual makes a more powerful point. Some friends and I thought it would be a geat idea to post some clips from movies and T.V. shows that perpuate the “love is blind” notion. Enoy the lineup!

Clip #1 “With this Ring?”

In this episode of the Cosby show, Vanessa has been engaged to Dabnis for 6 months, who she’s known for only a year, and is just now telling her parents-. She’s 18 and he’s “knocking on 30″–yikes!

Clip #2 : “But, Daddy, I love him!”

Now, I  will get into this whole topic on another blog about the “happily ever after” notion that Disney preaches to all little girls wih the Disney princes movies.  In this clip, Ariel is “madly in love” with Eric, whom she has only known for about a day, lol.

Clip #3: Selena

This is one of my favorite movies about the late Taino superstar.  This clip is a bit long, but it shows how a lot of people jump into marriage just in the heat of the moment and based off emotions.

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  1. The clip of Vanessa and Dabnis is so funny!!!! When he says she is the wisest person he knows, hahahahaa!!!! You can tell she wasnt ready because she hid it from her parents for six months. She knew that when her parents would sit down and talk to her she would realize that the engagement was too soon, but didn’t want to face that reality. But she just caused more drama. The rest of the episode is hilarious.

  2. This blog post keeps it real, no doubt.


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