The Key Lime Mermaid Dress

Alright ladies, we’ve all heard it before, “Isn’t it beautiful? And the best thing, you can wear it again!” Yep, I’m talking about bridesmaid dresses. This category of blogs will be dedicated to your funniest stories of bridesmaid dresses. I’ll go first!

Chapter 8: Memories of a Bridesmaid

…The month of the wedding finally rolls around and it’s time for me to get the final fitting for my dress. When I finally saw the dress, I thought I was going to have a heart attack: the dress was not purple, but rather a bright, key lime green. The bottom was a mermaid shape with a matching jacket complete with padded shoulders, flowers surrounding the collar and silver buttons. My heart sank down to my knees. I couldn’t dare show any sign of discontent with the final product because the bride was so excited and happy. How could I possibly burst her bubble? All I kept thinking was, “Lord, I have to take pictures in this?” …

Now, someone has got to top this! Looking forward to hearing your stories ladies!

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  1. Unfortunately, I will be doing a lot of reading because I have not had the opportunity of being a bridesmaid as of yet. These postings should be great! Haha.

  2. Hey Sammy :)
    I know, me too! I hope these short excerpts are good preparation for you when you do beccome a bridesmaid or a bride; whichever comes first!

  3. I have already mentally prepared myself if I do become a bridesmaid “It’s the brides day, not about me looking good. She needs to outshine us all.” Hopefully that state of mind will work :-)

  4. Though I really don’t understand where their sense of style goes after they have picked out their dress? Haha!

  5. Believe me girl, I know! But you know, I did find a great website in a bridal magazine called They had some GREAT bridesmaid dresses that you truly could wear again at another event. When it’s our turn to be brides, this would be a great place to look!

  6. Ruthnie JeanRae Angrand
    February 4, 2011 at 12:59 AM

    Wedding #12 “Hampton Hotness”

    Person One: Let’s get married!
    Person Two: Why? Because we love each other in a deep spiritual God-ordained way?
    Person One: Yes! and it’s summer!

    I sometimes “imagine” that wedding proposals go like this because it seems that all weddings happen in the dead of 101 degree summers. Fortunately, I know better. I mean, the smoldering summer heat of hot, southern and/or non-ventilated boroughs (that shall remain nameless) seem to attract weddings. All the better to wear silk dresses, up-do’s, FDA-banned corsets and high heels in which to walk across hot gravel, roads and grass fields! Imagine my excitement when I hear the wedding is not only in the Hamptons though (while I attend summer school in Florida) but that I will have to mail…yes MAIL my measurements after calling-them in.

    Ahh, nothing like fitting a dress you will not see until the day before (insert smile). I arrive in New York 24 hours before glory to do nails, buy a corset, go to a rehearsal, have the dress taken in (because somehow my relatives believed I could not have POSSIBLY gained THAT much weight since they had seen me), exchange the stockings, hang out with a girlfriend during eyebrow plucking (whew-laughing complicated things) and buying accessories which would be my only individualized hope of standing out in an army of 8 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls… all twice as thin as I. Lo and behold, the morning of makeup, that I have two left shoes and the corset spine that was attempting to aid me in fitting a dress whose waistline is not my own – has popped and will be digging into my side from 8am until we return. The shoe situation nullified, and prayer leading the way into internal peace, off to be a prettified soldier I went. God only…ONLY… knows and knew that I would have a wonderful time. I learned to kompa, waltz and shine in glorious pain while looking absolutely fabulous. Praying for the bride and trying to be her shield, hoping that my bridesmaids would be soldiers like hers.

    Moral Lesson: love truly is pain but we must love for whom we endure it.

    Bridal Lesson: Order my bridesmaids to purchase matching ballet flats for in-between transport and no lingerie with metal.

    Disclaimer: No bridesmaid dresses were harmed in the making of this wedding production. Though I have now lost enough weight to convert the gold dress to a bell skirt to which I can find no matching jewelry unless I wear pearls :-)

  7. Ruthnie JeanRae Angrand
    February 4, 2011 at 12:59 AM

    Fabulous site Larissa. I have not been a bridesmaid since 27 dresses came out (and I didn’t want it to be me… how petty) but I’m getting ready to be there for 1-2 close friends again. This web site is what single, married and considering ladies would need: open healthy sharing focused on the positives. Kudos and this what I will share with my young ladies in my teen program. Keep glowing and I’ve shared my story below!

  8. Ruthnie, I LOVE your story!! This was awesome! I’m telling you, the things that we as bridesmaids have to endure to ensure the bride and groom’s martial bliss on their wedding day is nothing short of some real love for the bride and groom! With this particular dress that this excerpt is about, I also saw the dress for the first time a few days BEFORE the wedding!! Talk about shocked beyond words! You will definitely love the chapter in the book where I share all of my funny bridesmaid stories, complete with the behind the scenes, “bloopers” that you and countless other bridesmaids experience the day of the wedding. The most important lesson that I have learned in being a bridesmaid is to really be flexible and have the mindset of what Sam mentioned in another post-”It’s not about you!” But in spite of that, we should look at this role as a servant to another sister on her special day. My prayer is that one day, when it’s my turn, I’ll have that same support from my bridesmaids( minus the crazy dresses, lol!)

  9. Praise God! I pray that this site really blesses your girls in your teen program! Encourage them to visit the site and to share their stories and insight as well. My heart was to make this site as interactive as possible so that whether you’re from Georgia, Florida, New York, California, or wherever, this can be a “support group” so to speak for young ladies concerning relationships, marriage and our identity in the Lord. Ruthnie, you and I both know who crucial it was for US in our teen years to have older sisters in Christ who could mentor us and put us under our wings as we were trying to discover who were were. To God be all the glory!


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