The Laundry List

Hey ladies!

Long time, no chat! I have been getting so much done with the book over these last few months–Lessons Learned now has a PUBLISHER!! God is soo good. Well, as we wait for the release of the book, I still always desire to hear your thoughts and your heart on various topics on the blog. So, tell me what you think!

So, we all have one: the laundry list of qualities we desire in a mate. Examples are: He’s gotta look like Will Smith; he’s gotta be 6’5; he’s gotta dress well, etc.

However, what are the real qualities that every woman of God should desire in a mate? What really matters?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

On October 17th, 2010, posted in: Blog by Larissa
One Response to The Laundry List
  1. I don’t have enough space for my entire laundry list, but here are some characteristics that really matter to me:

    -God is first in his life, over everyone and everything
    -On fire/passionate for the things of God
    -A true worshipper
    -Continually tries to grow in God
    -Selfless & dependable
    -Humble & down to earth
    -Funny (I don’t care if he’s a preacher, if he can’t make me laugh the deal is off, lol)
    -Secure in himself and knows who he is in Christ and who he belongs to
    -enthusiastic about life
    -Adventurous and likes to try new things (new things, not crazy things like sky diving, lol)

    Then after all that, we can get into physical qualities, but that’s for another conversation, lol


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