Facebook: The New Online Dating Service?

I am so SICK of the Facebook hookups. I am so SICK of brothers hiding behind a computer screen trying to initiate a relationship. Ladies, am I the only one experiencing this disgust? The social media phenomenon has spread like wild fire and is not going to die down any time soon. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, .. read more

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Wait for Him

Hello Ladies!!! Happy first week of Spring! I hope that you all are enjoying the weather and getting more and more excited about the book coming out! Be on the lookout for a book trailer(yay!) for Lessons Learned as a Bridesmaid. My new book will make its debut this Spring! My Book Release Party is .. read more

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Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz

     The story of Ruth is one of my favorite stories of the Bible and one that provides us so many good nuggets of wisdom for the single woman, in my opinion. Ruth and Naomi, her mother in law, found themselves in a very dire situation.  Naomi’s husband, Ruth’s father in law, had died. Naomi’s .. read more

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Valentine’s Day is NOT “Singles Awareness Day”!

Happy NEW YEAR, Ladies!! I am pleased to present a  new,revamped website! I am so excited for what the Lord is doing and will do this year, with Lessons Learned as a Bridesmaid. I encourage you ladies to subscribe to my blog. Enjoy the first blog of 2011! To all of my single sisters in .. read more

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The Laundry List

Hey ladies! Long time, no chat! I have been getting so much done with the book over these last few months–Lessons Learned now has a PUBLISHER!! God is soo good. Well, as we wait for the release of the book, I still always desire to hear your thoughts and your heart on various topics on .. read more

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