Dating and Marriage

Hello again, ladies! I have been thinking about this topic for some days now and I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the following question: How long should you date someone before you marry them?

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Take the Rose Colored Glasses Off! (Part 2)

Hey ladies, Sometimes a visual makes a more powerful point. Some friends and I thought it would be a geat idea to post some clips from movies and T.V. shows that perpuate the “love is blind” notion. Enoy the lineup! Clip #1 “With this Ring?” In this episode of the Cosby show, Vanessa has been .. read more

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Take the Rose Colored Glasses Off! (Part 1)

Hello again ladies! I think we all have had the experience where we were in a relationship with someone, only later to say to ourselves, “What was I thinking?!” So often we as young women can get so infatuated with a young man that it is easy to miss red flags that others may see, .. read more

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Chapter 4: While You Wait

I believe that as Hannah waited on the Lord with expectancy, God was molding a jewel in her. He was molding her for the task of birthing one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament who would later anoint the greatest leader in Israel’s history—King David. While she waited, Hannah’s heart had to meet .. read more

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The Expiration Date

Okay ladies, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the last blog! Now, with this particular excerpt, I would like to see a lot of discussion as we share our thoughts on the issue of what the world (and I say the world because with God, there is no such thing) calls, “The Biological .. read more

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